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Traditionally, International Sunrise Enterprise, Inc. is a network marketing company that generates revenues based on product selling. Philosophically speaking, we believe that our customers attain real value by investing their time, minimal finance, hard work and of course, a high level of client service.

International Sunrise Enterprise, Inc. VALUES A STRONG COMMITMENT TO HEALTHIER LIVING by making natural, herbal heath and beauty products available to the market using the healing powers of germanium.

To gain a thorough understanding of our business is the primary and continuing objective. With this knowledge, we can successfully provide income generating endeavors to any individual and at the same time share the opportunity with them.

To be a, ‘Helping People Business' is our strategic goal, through a program of creative marketing and sound training, for those who want to be the owner of their own business.


"A landmark discovery in nutritional science. A versitile, health-giving substance that is found in high concentration in numerous medicinal plants. This remarkable nutrient is an oxygen catalyst, antioxidant, electro-stimulant and immune enhancer."

David M. Grace, B.S., D.C.
Karen Karvonen, M.F.A.

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Allure Health Gel

 An All Natural Heatth Solution.  For skin repair, and helps to heal skin disorders.  Help prevent muscle pulls, cramps & strains...
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Allure Beauty Gel

A Non-toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.  Stay young and beautiful with these promising beauty products.  An All Natural Beauty Solutions...

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Water Power

Enjoy you life with good sufficient alkaline water.  A Miracle Revolution... "Stay Young" with the Power of Alkaline Water!

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Allure Pain Pads and Pellets

The Pads that relieve several pains such as sinus pains, pressure, & nasal congestion, also injury to the back, knee, etc.  

Guaranteed for lifetime use...

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