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Water Power

Water Power

Enjoy your life with good sufficient alkaline water.
"Stay Young" the Power of Alkaline Water

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Health Gel

Allure Health Gel

A Non-Toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.

For Skin Repair, and Helps to heal skin disorders. Help prevent musicale pulls, cramps & strains. .

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Beauty Care

Allure Beauty Gel

A Non-Toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.

A Total Beauty Solutions.

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Pain Pads & Pellets

Allure Pain Pads & Pellets

Lifting, climbing, pushing, pulling & pivoting, all of which pose the risk of pain. These PAds & Pelletes will Relieve Several Pain such as sinus pain,  pressure, & nasal congestion, also injury to the back, knee etc. Learn More




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The following links provide the basis of Germanium and its properties, applications and uses.


"The Missing Element: Organic Germanium"

"Miracle Cure: Organic Germanium" by Dr. Kazuhiko Asai
Dr. Kazuhiko Asai published this famous book on Germanium in 1980, it was published by Japan Publications and was out of print by 1989. This page is the equivalent of 47 pages in a Word document.

Organic Germanium as A Treatment of Cancer

Chemical Name - bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide.

Germanium in its inorganic form, is widely used in the electronics industry as a semiconductor, and has no nutritional or healthful effects on humans.  However, Germanium in its organic form has been acclaimed as one of the most outstanding new developments in the treatments of cancer.

 Organic germanium can stimulate the body's immune system and enables the body to change its response to tumors.  Because cancer cells multiply at a furious pace, their "electric potentials" are high and undergo extremely rapid cancer cell development.  Germanium lowers the "electric potentials" of cancer cells by taking away their electrons.  This, in turn, suppresses the activities of abnormal (cancer) cells and also keeps cancer from spreading violently.

Organic Germanium is a trace that enhances the availability of oxygen to both cancer cells and healthy cells.  It is well known that cancer cells cannot grow vigorously in an oxygen-rich environment.  Germanium has a remarkable ability to stimulate the immune system in cancer patients as well  as healthy people.

What does the Organic Germanium do to humans?

• It normalizes blood pressure.
• It boosts the immune system.
• It protects the body against harmful cellular abuse and abnormalities.
• It relieves rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.
• It generally normalizes physiological

functions and provides some pain relief.
Dr. Kazuhiko Asai was intrigued by the high concentrations of germanium in coal as he himself worked for the Coal Research Institute (CRI).  Dr. Asai theorized that germanium could be present in plants, since coal is composed of fossilized plants.

He found that the highest concentrations of germanium were found in these plants that are used for medicinal purposes:
• Shitake mushrooms
• Ginseng
• Aloe
• Garlic
• Comfrey
• Shelf fungus (highest level of germanium found)
• Chlo




"Alkalized Water - How It Works"

"Alkaline Water"

"Miracle Water"







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Allure Health Gel

 An All Natural Heatth Solution.  For skin repair, and helps to heal skin disorders.  Help prevent muscle pulls, cramps & strains...
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Allure Beauty Gel

A Non-toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.  Stay young and beautiful with these promising beauty products.  An All Natural Beauty Solutions...

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Water Power

Enjoy you life with good sufficient alkaline water.  A Miracle Revolution... "Stay Young" with the Power of Alkaline Water!

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Allure Pain Pads and Pellets

The Pads that relieve several pains such as sinus pains, pressure, & nasal congestion, also injury to the back, knee, etc.  

Guaranteed for lifetime use...

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