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About International Sunrise


The allure of social responsibility and business ownership, in tandem with the noble notion of making a difference, is a pivotal consideration by the founder in the formation of International Sunrise (INTERSUN) in the year 2008.

INTERSUN envisions being an internet-based and “mobile mall” of quality products, with the potential of enhancing the life and health of individuals who are self- conscious in improving their own health. To support the needs, the company will allocate assets to obtain a myriad of health supplement products, which are marketed globally and produced by reputable companies.

INTERSUN prides itself with a cadre of highly qualified management team, with considerable and extensive experiences in the networking industry. Being a fresh company, it intends to build its reputation by combining modern and innovative marketing techniques and ideas that are uniquely anchored in honesty and professionalism.

Our focus includes integrating transparency in our business relations; ensure adherence to the company’s core values, and well-balance approach to business interactions with the companies that support us.


“The International Sunrise is modeled as a Helping Other People Business”

International Sunrise is one of those corporate entities of having a large inventory of high quality food supplements and natural health products of high value for our consumers worldwide.   The company is aiming to become the world's best health products distributor and is yearning for the good health of all mankind in the globe.  We believed that in building a greater chance for these valuable health products to be produced are the main key to help all the people around the world attain their best health.

Moreover, these amazing health products are yielded from the very modern technology which had been a product of thorough scientific studies from our modern day scientists.  In fact, these effective health products are very much affordable and high in efficiency in terms of quality and effectiveness.  The desire of achieving the best health for all the people worldwide is what drives us in producing these quality health products drastically.

As a result, we are striving hard in helping other business to bring forth the answer of all our dealings regarding to our health and life.  International  Sunrise is drawing a bead on giving opportunities of upkeeping the very best health, beauty, and life for you and me and the rest of the world.





"A landmark discovery in nutritional science. A versitile, health-giving substance that is found in high concentration in numerous medicinal plants. This remarkable nutrient is an oxygen catalyst, antioxidant, electro-stimulant and immune enhancer."

David M. Grace, B.S., D.C.
Karen Karvonen, M.F.A.

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Allure Health Gel

 An All Natural Heatth Solution.  For skin repair, and helps to heal skin disorders.  Help prevent muscle pulls, cramps & strains...
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Allure Beauty Gel

A Non-toxic, Organic All Natural Formula.  Stay young and beautiful with these promising beauty products.  An All Natural Beauty Solutions...

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Water Power

Enjoy you life with good sufficient alkaline water.  A Miracle Revolution... "Stay Young" with the Power of Alkaline Water!

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Allure Pain Pads and Pellets

The Pads that relieve several pains such as sinus pains, pressure, & nasal congestion, also injury to the back, knee, etc.  

Guaranteed for lifetime use...

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